en venta

property for sale

in Girona

Two separate houses and a large multi purpose warehouse, with parking space for several cars and scattered small gardens, this former industrial space has been rehabilitated for business and residence, connected to the electric grid and to a solar power system, it has a low consumption over the year thanks to its location and the hours of sunlight.

Main house ground floor, designed as a loft, with a large open space including the kitchen a separate bathroom and a guest room.

Casa principal en forma de loft, planta con acceso al jardin, aseo con ducha, cocina y habitacion de invitados.

Property for sale - propiedad en venta

With more than 2000sq mt built in a forestal area and connections to the Girona airport and train station, we sell our property on the border of the Ampurdan region in Catalonia, Spain. It includes a forest garden and a vegetables area.

Con mas de 2000 m2 esta fàbrica rehabilitada en medio de un bosque en Gerona, combina la modernidad con el ambiente rustico y la naturaleza, e incluye tres edificios restaurados en forma de dos casas independientes y un gran almacen habilitado como taller. El terreno comprende un area de bosque y un huerto.

Main house front garden and entrance, includes a first floor with kitchen bathroom and guest room, into a large loft salon

Entrance to the warehouse, garden and guest house

Guest house with terrace, kitchen, salon and separate debroom.

Previous activities in the warehouse area include ballet dancing, choreography design, yoga studio and recording studio.

Large studio used for rehearsals with easy connections with the rest of Europe, nearby train to France, and airport of Girona, 

Mar Cristina

Art Restorer

Restauradora de Arte